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Shajee Syed

Construction Consultant

Shajee Syed is a Construction Consultant and has been a member of the SSI team since July 2023. Shajee has 27+ years of experience focusing on concrete testing and inspections.

Prior to joining SSI, Shajee spent 22+ years as a Senior Field Inspector Level E for a well-known engineering firm, performing concrete testing in the field and laboratory including verification of temperature, slump, unit weight and yield, air content of concrete by pressure & volumetric methods. He has also evaluated earthwork structural fill/backfill and compaction operations, slab’s and pavement’s base materials and subgrade soils, and floor flatness/levelness.  He has observed slabs, equipment and building foundations installations.

Shajee spent an additional 5 years performing acceptance and correlation testing on construction materials for multiple major construction projects.  He performed tests both on site and in the lab being directly responsible for all laboratory testing of construction materials; asphaltic concrete, soils/aggregates, documenting materials used, and managing personnel and equipment. He reviewed and prepared weekly reports for all laboratories and field testing.

Shajee has the following Construction Certifications: IDOT S-33Soil, Asphalt Level 1, PCC Levels 1 and 2. ICC Soils, ICC Structural Masonry, ICC Reinforced Steel Concrete, ICC Applied Spray Fireproofing, ICC Structural Steel Bolting and as a FACE Technology Dipstick Floor Profiler.

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