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Rick Stout

Construction Consultant

Rick Stout is a Construction Consultant and has been a member of the SSI team since August 2022. Rick has 20+ years of experience focusing on concrete and high tolerance industrial warehouse flooring within innovative and forward-thinking companies. He is a resourceful problem solver and multi-tasker with exceptional attention to detail managing complex construction projects and was trained by the original innovators and inventors of the F-Number System.

Prior to joining SSI, Rick has accomplished much in the industry. He led a Field Operations Team, for 16 years, conducting evaluations and ensuring quality compliance for newly constructed surfaces while developing specifications, verifying data and ensuring accuracy in adherence to ACI / ASTM standards. This included coaching concrete floor contractors and concrete-finishers on techniques to improve placements and meet owners’ needs.

Rick spent an additional 6 years working with an international Concrete Flooring consulting company offering solutions to increase efficiencies in material handling throughput with operations in the UK, US, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, and South Korea as well as with an Industrial Flooring and Design consulting & compliance verification company with operations in the US, France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and South Africa. For each company, he was responsible for reviewing request for proposals, engineering documentation and plans in addition to bid proposals, training employees, colleagues, and new hires in equipment utilization, ACI, ASTM, TR34, and DIN supporting documents and ASTM test methods. He also attended pre-construction meetings and performed onsite surveys of newly placed and existing surfaces.

Rick has served as a Subject Matter Expert in placement, finishing, and remediation techniques in addition to verification of high tolerance industrial flooring applications and has developed an in-depth understanding of all ACI, TR34 supporting documents, ASTM test procedures, and test instruments.

Rick has an Associate of Science degree (Electronics Engineering Technology) from ITT Technical Institute – Arlington, TX and is a FACE Dipstick Certified Operator. He is also a member of ACI 117 & ACI 360.

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