Educational Seminars

Structural Services Inc. can provide office and on-site project representation by one of our highly-trained associates.

SSI provides educational seminars on a wide range of concrete specialties.


Structural Services Incorporated provides its clients with a wide range of training and educational opportunities. The continuing education can be fine tailored to suit your individual needs or can be conducted in a classroom environment, at the client’s office or on the project site.  Our Team of experienced Associates can provide consulting services and representation to meet the specific needs, optimizing project details and specifications.  Allow SSI to help you take your project to the next level and excel in each of the following areas:
  • Slab on ground and suspended slab construction
  • Evaluation and optimization of industrial floor concrete mix design
  • Assessment of cracking risk due to restraint, mix design or ambient conditions
  • Moisture issues and vapor retarder use in floor slabs
  • Thickness design analysis and computer modeling of slab on ground loading
  • Reinforcing design recommendations for slabs on ground and suspended slabs
  • Steel fiber reinforcement and synthetic fiber applications in concrete floors
  • Construction, contraction and isolation joint details for floor slabs
  • Tolerances for concrete construction, including floor flatness and levelness
  • State-of-the-Art construction techniques for concrete floors
  • Flatness and levelness consulting, precise measuring and reporting service
  • Curing, sealer and coating recommendations for concrete floors
  • Condition surveys and repair recommendations for concrete floors
  • Nondestructive floor thickness testing using the impact echo method
  • Continuing education seminars on these and other concrete floor issues
  •  Polished Concrete Solutions
  • Decorative Concrete Applications which include stamped concrete, overlayments, stains, dyes, concrete countertops, etc.

Through the years, our Professionals have presented Seminars in a wide variety of topics and applications in many different venues such as World of Concrete (WOC), American Concrete Institute (ACI), Wacker Neuson Concrete College and Decorative Concrete Institute earning us many Industr Awards. 


SSI has shared their knowledge and expertise in training Worldwide, i.e. Holcim (France and Italy) and Private Companies located in Canada, the Caribbean, England, France, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Mexico, South America, South Africa and Spain. 


In addition to the preconstruction and construction services offered we accept forensic repair, dispute resolution and expert witness assignments.