PreConstruction Services

Regardless of size or complexity of your project, Structural Services Inc. can assist you in designing and implementing the best approach to your project, and initiating a game plan for a successful project.

SSI can provide relevant design, planning and on-site consultation services.
SSI’s Team Members are some of the most diverse in the industry, and are able to share from their vast on-the-job experiences. We work closely with the Owner, Architect and Engineering Team, providing consultative services that include document review, mix design analysis, comprehensive pre-slab meetings, on site condition surveys and slab placement observations.  We strive to assist in developing an economical floor design and specification package that anticipates and accommodates each unique slab requirements.  Our Consultants are also able to offer solutions and inspiration for your decorative concrete needs, including polished and stamped concrete, stains, dyes and overlayments.
Slab on Grade Design
The foundation for any successful project starts with appropriate concrete materials that meet the specific requirements of the client.  Whether you are working on suspended decks, super flat floors or slab designs for static and dynamic loads, we can find solutions for all of the project requirements.   The thickness, proper joints, location and detailing, along with the appropriate reinforcing can greatly influence the longevity and serviceability of the slab. Once the slab has been built, our expert finishing consultants observe the placing and finishing, and evaluate if the concrete is being installed per the project specifications and requirements. 
Review and Assist
We will review documents for internal consistency and general conformance to accepted industry standards, while evaluating the efficiency of constructability. SSI can evaluate and optimize concrete mix designs with review of mix proportions, aggregate gradations and sieve analysis, chemical admixtures, and water to cement ratios. We will work with your team to facilitate resolutions of conflicts, and / or development of alternative details, and advise of potential development of internal stresses and cracking risk in concrete slabs.


Participation begins at time of project conception, while following through each step of the way to completion of the final surface finish.  SSI can conduct your preconstruction meeting, facilitating the most comprehensive and detailed discussion with the entire team, including the owners, designer, general contractor, concrete finishing and polishing contractors, ready mix producer and testing firm to clearly define expectations, roles and responsibilities of all parties.