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Bryan Birdwell

Senior Floor & Paving Consultant

115 Park Place Boulevard, Suite 300
Waxahachie, TX 75165
PHONE: 863-393-4495
FAX: 214-522-6796

Bryan Birdwell

Bryan is SSI Team’s Senior Floor & Paving Consultant.  He is known Worldwide in the Concrete Flooring Industry, where his expertise has taken him many places to share his ideas and educate others in the field of high tolerance floors and concrete fundamentals. 


Bryan has over 20 years of placing and finishing experience as an Owner of a concrete construction company.  He specializes in the installation, techniques and procedures of Super Flat and High Tolerance Floors as well as typical concrete floor and Parking Lot installation.


Birdwell’s experience includes a wide range of commercial / industrial slabs on ground, slabs on deck, parking lots and pavements.  He has consulted on projects throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean.  Bryan also has written many articles for various Concrete Construction Magazines.


Due to Birdwell’s expertise, he has been awarded 25 Golden Trowel Awards. Now in their third decade, The Golden Trowels® are the most prestigious and sought after award in the concrete flooring industry.  This award is presented by the FACE companies for recognition of producing the flattest, most level concrete floors in the world.


25 time Award Winner & 4 Time World Record Holder:

2004 – 3 Awards

2005 – 2 Awards

2006 – 3 Awards

2007 – 3 Awards (1 World Record)

2008 – 2 Awards

2009 – 3 Awards

2010 – 1 Award

2011 – 2 Awards

2012 – 4 Awards (2 World Records)

2013 – 2 Awards (1 World Record)


Bryan has developed methods and taught techniques of concrete finishing training throughout the United States showing finishers the techniques and skills they need to construct the flattest most level concrete floors meeting and exceeding placement specifications.


For many years he has been an active member of leading industry associations, such as ACI and ASCC. He is also a member of ACI Committees 640, Craftsman Certification; Previous Secretary of ACI Committee117, Specification for Tolerances for Concrete Construction and Materials and Commentary; 302, Construction of Concrete Floors; 330, Concrete Parking Lots and Site Paving; 360, Designs of Slabs on Ground; 522, Pervious Concrete. He is an examiner of ACI Specialty Commercial/ Industrial Concrete Flatwork Finisher/ Technician Certification Program. He is in the forefront of promoting the ACI Specialty Commercial/ Industrial Concrete Flatwork Finisher Performance Exam.


The SSI team is pleased to be the only concrete engineering and consulting firm to offer this technical knowledge and hands-on finishing expertise to the concrete industry. To insure your crew is up to date on the latest trends in floor placing and finishing, check out the content of our SSI Concrete College and contact Bryan today for all the details.