The SSI Team

Regardless of size or complexity of your project, Structural Services Inc. can assist you in designing and implementing the best approach to your project, and initiating a game plan for a successful project.

Structural Services Inc. has some of the most knowledgeable talent in the concrete industry.

Team Members

  • Eldon (Tipp) Tipping
    Founder - Vice-Chairman - Principal
    Phone: 214.522.6438

  • Rick Smith
    President / Senior Consultant - Principal
    Phone: 214.522.6438

  • Pat Harrison
    Vice President / Senior Consultant - Principal
    Phone: 913.961.2222

  • Jerry Holland
    Vice President / Director of Design - Principal
    Phone: 678.545.0582

  • Wayne Walker
    Director of Engineering Services - Principal
    Phone: 770.717.0187

  • Bob Simonelli
    Senior Consultant - Principal
    Phone: 386.566.6132

  • Denny Bartz
    Construction Consultant - Principal
    Phone: 309.314.4138

  • Joel Burgess
    Consulting Engineer - Principal
    Phone: 214.522.6438

  • Bryan Birdwell
    Senior Floor & Paving Consultant
    Phone: 863-393-4495

  • Bob Harris
    Senior Decorative Concrete Consultant
    Phone: 770-562-1441

  • Blaine Nye
    Construction Consultant
    Phone: 913.385.9811


Structural Services Inc. (SSI) provides customers with the most experienced concrete consulting services available. Our industry-renowned professionals are trained in every facet of concrete construction to deliver state-of-the- art capabilities. Our people also specialize in many special slab on ground, suspended slab, building and pavement applications including:

  • Multi-purpose arenas
  • Ice rinks
  • Freezers
  • Telescope bases
  • TV and film production studios
  • Superflat construction for defined traffic applications
  • Bonded and unbonded overlays
  • Level suspended slabs
  • Flying surfaces for air-supported people movers and air pallets
  • Post tensioned, fiber reinforced and hybrid reinforcing systems

Several articles authored by members of our staff have been published in engineering trade journals. For a copy of an article that is specific to your needs or a complete listing of our published works, please contact Tressie Escamilla.

Our Team is ready to work with you!