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World of Concrete 2015 - SSI Participation

Outside Demonstration

Rick Smith, Moderator - Assisted by: Blaine Nye and Bob Harris

Industrial Slab Polishing & Repair

A Special Thank you to all of the Representatives from:
CTS / Rapid Set


Bryan Birdwell
Concrete College for Wacker Neuson Sales Staff
Placement of Outdoor Demo Slabs, producing a Ff123 / Fl100


ACI Certification Classes:

Jerry Holland and Bob Simonelli
ACI- Specialty Commercial / Industrial Concrete Flatwork Review
ACI- Flatwork Finisher / Technician Certification Review


Jerry Holland, Bob Simonelli, Denny Bartz and Bryan Birdwellassisted by other ACI Certification Proctors, monitored the ACI Commercial / Industrial Flatwork Finisher Performance Exam.  42 finishers were tested on a 15’ by 60’ close tolerance slab with a light-reflective dry-shake hardener that was applied during the finishing process.

(Record Attendance and Record percentage of Finishers Passed)




Jerry Holland
Proper Use of Slab Reinforcement Systems


Rick Smith
Polishing Retail & Industrial Slabs – Design & Construction Best Practices


Jerry Holland and Bryan Birdwell
Avoid Problems with a Proper Pre-Slab Meeting
(Attendance of 70 + with Excellent Reviews)


Bob Simonelli and Jerry Holland
ACI Concrete Flatwork Finisher / Technician Certification Review



Awards and Honors:

Bryan Birdwell
ACI Announced at their Fall 2014 Board of Director’s Meeting that Bryan will be the recipient of the ACI Young Member Award for Professional Achievement “for contributions to advancing the quality construction of flat and level concrete floors, and for educating and mentoring colleagues and students.”

Formal announcement and presentation of this Award will take place, at ACI’s Opening Session and Awards Program being held on Sunday, April 12, 2015.


Upcoming Events:

March 3-4, 2015
Bryan Birdwell, 25-time Golden Trowel Award Winner, will conduct the “Commercial-Industrial Concrete Flatwork Finisher prep course” at the Wacker Neuson Technical Academy, located in Menomonee Falls, WI. Register at:

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