Construction Services

Structural Services Inc. can equip your crew with the knowledge to achieve challenging projects and raise your company's level of capabilities.

SSI provides the guidance and support to move your project in the right direction.





SSI’s award-winning flatwork finishing team is able to offer onsite concrete placement and finishing consultation while observing the construction process. Once the canvas has been set, per the specified finishing tolerances, SSI can provide jobsite observations of the pours, joint filling and grout coating, polishing observations and condition surveys.



With today’s forever changing market, it’s imperative that owners and owner’s agents along with the contracting community keep up with the latest concrete placing and finishing techniques. SSI is proud to also offer a wide variety of Decorative Concrete training such as polished concrete / polished overlays, decorative hardscapes and countertops for example. These services are offered both on the jobsite in addition to a state-of-the-art Decorative Concrete Training facility located in Temple, GA



In today’s highly competitive market, it is important to the owner to make sure that the slab is being placed and finished per the specified FF and FL numbers. During the placement of these concrete slabs, the SSI Team will measure and report floor flatness and levelness results each day to confirm that the tolerance requirements of the project have been satisfied. Producing the proper finish during slab placement is paramount especially if the surface is to be polished. Our highly trained professionals will work with the place and finish crew making sure to produce a uniform and properly finished surface in preparation for the polishing process. Assuming the slab is to be polished, SSI is proud to offer a complete, on the jobsite polished concrete consultation consisting of proper diamond tooling and grit sequence, coloring and densifying techniques and gloss and DOI (distinction of image) readings.



Challenging projects need a good quality of professional industry recommendations. SSI is able to evaluate results and provide this expertise to enable proper construction techniques achieving the specified tolerances and aesthetics ranging from contract document review, mix design review, condition surveys of the existing slab and jobsite recommendations to produce an aesthetically pleasing surface.



The SSI Team offers Training and Education to address all aspects of on-ground,
suspended slab construction, finishing and placing of slabs, polished concrete and more.